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To live a life longer is the human being’s eternal quest and pursuit . We may add the word ‘healthy’ to qualify the quest and to justify the living a life, longer. And it is ‘healthy’ in terms of its physical, mental, social and spiritual connotations.

We as a healthcare solution company started our journey, 50 years back, with our limited resources to achieve the fulfillment of man’s eternal quest. The journey has not ended and we know we have more thousands of miles to go ahead……

In our long journey we did not only explore the scientific developments of modern medicines but also attempted to look back to our rich heritage, traditions and also some time-tested values, which are still unchanged…the oriental remedies to human ailments…

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The makers of high equity brands like Carminozyme Glycoseptol

The new launched Ayush Kwath & Septol Hand Sanitizer is now the dream child of Jupiter Pharma.
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