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10/12/2015 TB Drug Dosing Tool (adult & pediatric)
10/12/2015 Useful Medications for Oral Conditions
10/12/2015 Phcm Drug2012
10/12/2015 Pediatric Dosing Guide 8.5
10/12/2015 Pediatric Medicine Hand Book
10/12/2015 Pediatric Antibiotic Dosing guide
10/12/2015 Pediatric Drug Dose Chart
10/12/2015 medication dosing charts handout
09/12/2015 Rabeprazole Vs Pantoprazole in Night time Hurt Burn
09/12/2015 montelukast for rhinoconjunctivitis
09/12/2015 Rabeprazole in Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
09/12/2015 H1 antihistamine current status and future
09/12/2015 Ashwagandha in Cancer Rivew
09/12/2015 A review of Rabeprazole in the treatment of acid-related disease
09/12/2015 Ashwagandha as a Rejuvinating Ayrvedic herb
07/11/2014 Single Dose Rabeprazole Elective Surgery
07/11/2014 British guideline AR treatment
07/11/2014 Treatment of occupational allergic rhinitis
20/09/2011 Levocetrizine+montelukast reference1
22/09/2011 Zingiber officinale
20/09/2011 Ginger
29/09/2011 Montelukast in Pediatric Asthma Management
10/10/2011 Levocetirizine+Montelukast to reduce night time symptoms
10/10/2011 Ondansetron in Hyperemesis Graviderum
12/10/2011 Ondansetron in Pregnancy associated nausea and vomiting
12/10/2011 6 Health Benefits Of Cloves
10/10/2011 Benefits Of Tulsi (Basil Leaves)